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The Search for the T-33

Trip #1:

Allenspark is quite a simple drive from Ft. Collins so this one seemed like a great idea to go look for it. A T-33 is a military trainer jet and fits my criteria of military aircraft to search for.

On my 1st attempt at finding this wreck I went to the Camp Dick campground of the Peak-to-Peak highway in order to cross the creek and continue west and north on jeep trails. Unfortunately, on 8/27/95 I found that the road was closed and actually GUARDED! The guard was a NFS employee who was preventing a recurrence of vandalism to the campground 1 mile up the road. In the recent past some vandals had gotten into the construction area and torn up survey stakes and done a lot of damage. The guard was there to block access to all. I was able to convince her that I just wanted to cross the river and would then go north to the coordinates on the map. She allowed me to go on and I did so. I hiked the 4WD road north to the area of the coordinates and then west into the woods and up the hill. Of course, as is the usual pattern, once standing on the coordinates, I found no airplane parts. I needed better directions.

Trip #2: Found it

During the next week Duke Sumonia directed me to a fellow who was most helpful. The fellow had hunted the area and gave me perfect directions including Section # and his best guess at elevation. The best part was that he described the direct access and landmarks to use.

So, armed with new information, this time I took Thomas , a young hiking friend, along and we set out to do the job on 9/3/95.

We drove south on Bunce School Rd which is fairly rough and finally came to the drainage we’d been told to follow west and up to the wreck. We basically proceeded west and past the stack of rocks walked line abreast thru the woods. I’d hoped that Thomas would be the lucky guy to spot the first piece but that was not to be. I found it an hour away from the car.

(Click on the picture to get an enlarged image)
fuselage section under trees Thomas standing by X marked tail mair landing gear leg still folded
Fuselage section. Tail feathers & a young Thomas Gallegos. Note CAP

red X marking the wreck site.

Main gear


engine exhaust casing - rusting in the bushes
Exhaust pipe casing.

Trip #3: 

In gathering the GPS coordinates for walking the jeep road to this site I visited the site again in 2000. I bushwhacked cross-country to the wreck coordinates and then back-tracked along the jeep trail to gather intersection coordinates. It was a much easier walk returning to the jeep. This route is entirely on public land, on road or trail and is fairly easy to follow. I suggest you do the trip this way. Coordinates are on the previous page.

Note: Larry Carpenter was privileged to be available to assist the widow and grown sons in visiting this site.

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